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Related article: Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:32:56 PST From: Bill Drake Subject: After Football PracticeAfter Football Practice by Bill DrakeNOTE: The following is a work of fiction, of graphic sexual descriptions. Enjoy.Please direct comments to Practice ended late that day. All the fellows were tired from the tough scrimmage Coach had put them through. At least they would be able now to shower, unwind, let off steam.Mark and Tom were the first to start up. Both were sophmores, but with precocious bodies. Mark was built like the quintessential high school football player, a tad stocky and still not quite defined, but showing fine musculature and a build that an adult man would not be ashamed of. Tom was a bit thinner. His muscles, from biceps to his sinewy thighs, were more supple than bulky. Tom's biggest asset was his cock, though, which was one of the longest in the school; he and Mark onced measured it at 10". And the two young men both had great butts to match their bodies, Mark with massive, powerful cheeks, Tom with a round, hard bubblebutt.Mark was nude when he looked over at Tom taking off his uniform. He always got horny looking at Tom. The two had been fuck buddies for some time, taking each others' cock up the ass every day after school or practice. There was nothing more exciting to Mark than the sight of a teammate's fine butt sticking out of his jockstrap as he took off his jersey and shoulder pads. Mark took the opportunity to rub his hardon up and down the crack of Tom's fine ass. Tom responded back rubbing his ass back against the stick and urging Mark on, "Yeah, you horny bastard, go for it." Mark pushed up Tom's ever-ready bunghole and began a Preteen Nude Toplist methodical fuck. His sausage prick must have triggered Tom's prostate, because the guy began bucking his ass back to get as much athlete dick possible up his bowels.At that point, Tom's brother, Ken, came up to the two. Ken was a little less gorgeous than Tom, a bit more jock-like in his appearance, though he did have the advantage of age and the harder muscles. He also had a cock to rival Tom's. He watched Mark ream his brother's fine ass. He wanted to run his hands all over Mark's hard body, to lick Mark's thick cock, to rim that tight ass. For now, he'd have to content himself with a blowjob from his brother. He waved his hardon in front of Tom's mouth, who in spite of the efforts he expended bottoming for Mark, took the lead and sucked his brother's meat in. He kept up a good pace until Mark's pounding got too hard and fast for Tom to balance himself hunched over. He knew Mark was going to blow his seed soon. He wanted that cum badly. "Rim him," he instructed his brother. Ken got a big grin and walked behind the hunk. Ken liked rimming guys of all shapes and sizes, but something about Mark's ass really turned him on. Maybe it was the hard muscle, that nonetheless sagged when relaxed. Unlike Tom's or his own bubblebutt, Mark's butt was firm but malleable. Ken also liked how Mark's sphincter opened right up when he got rimmed, so he could fuck his tongue inside the slick ass-shute. Mark couldn't believe how amazing his orgasm was. He was in lust with both brothers and the feel of shooting into Tom's ass while Ken rimmed him good was pure heaven.Meanwhile, two other brothers were going hard at it. David, the senior quarterback, looked down as Bill, a freshman, was sucking his brother's hard cock. David could never find any one so good at giving head. Occasionally he and Bill would go over to Ken's house and have an all-night fuck session in which David and Ken took their turns with Bill's upturned, horny ass. Right now, Bill was working miracles on his cock. He would alternate between hard, deep strokes and quick, shallow ones. Also, the younger brother used one hand to rub his big brother's balls, while another played with the other's shithole. If David was drunk, he would sometimes let his brother ride his ass; secretly he enjoyed these fucks even more than the blowjobs he received from Bill. Nonetheless, he wanted to play top and so was content to get off from Bill's expert fingerfuck-mouthsuck combo.John, another sophomore, sat on the bench enjoying the show and jacking off. He and Mark had fucked around a bit, but he was still kinda new to sex and shy to jump into the action. Still, he had a hot body, compact but not little, and a sexy smile. He was getting off on watching Mark and Tom going at it when a large, muscular black body stepped into his viewing. It was Steven, arms crossed, smile on his face, and his thick cock at full mast. John just looked up and licked his lips. He could spend days worshipping this hunk's thick body. He loved the dark brown tone of the skin, the smooth abs, the man's powerful forearms and bulging pecs. "Suck it," was all Steven said, and John was at it, sucking the fuckstick down. Steven sucked in his breath. This guy is hot, he thought. He had lusted after John ever since the sophomore had joined the team. He particularly wanted some tight virgin ass and wouldn't be satisfied until his prick was pushing its way up John's rear end.Coach Palmer walked in on the whole scene. The sight of a roomful of hot, hung football players fucking and sucking each other was certainly not new to the coach, but it did get him hard just thinking about it. He pulled down his shorts, and his prick immediately sprang up and hit his hard abs with a whack. He stood there getting hornier by the minute, when he felt a pair of hands on his ass. He began turning around but saw no one behind them, but just then he felt a warm, strong tongue lapping at his hole. Looking down, he saw Ben Harris, the assistant principle, and a young looking man in his 30s, in suit and tie giving the head coach a royal rim job. "Fuck, Ben, you damn near scared me." Ben looked up and smiled, and began finger fucking the horny-jock coach's ass. "Sorry, coach, I couldn't resist that ass. What do you say to a long, slow fuck?" "Only if Preteen Nude Toplist you're doing the fucking." "My pleasure," Ben said, taking his finger out of the now ready and willing hole. He stood up, unzipped his trousers and pulled out a dripping wet cock the thickness of a vacuum hose and at least ten inches long. "Damn, I love your big dick," coach said while starting to push back against the thing. Ben worked his way into the tight hole, and pushing his cock up the coach's shute, he remembered why this man got his juices going so much. Ben liked ass just about anytime he could get it, from his coworkers, the students, his friends, strangers, but Coach Palmer could bottom like no man he'd met. He reached around coach's body, under his T-shirt and began rubbing the man's firm chest and hard nipples.Bill was busy sucking down his stud brother's quarterback cum. Of all the guys he'd sucked off, David's jism was about his favorite. Except for one man, whose voice now startled him from behind. "You want to give your old man's dick a go?" Bill turned around to see his father, the school principal, standing in his suit, his fat prick poking out the open zipper. His father's thick, calloused stroked up and down the shaft as a big drop of pre-cum oozed from the swollen tip. "Fuck yeah," was all Bill said before attacking the massive staff at full speed. Bill always worshipped his father's dick. Every day when his father would come back from the school, Bill would be waiting at the door to give him a blowjob. His father still cut quite a youthful appearance and his dick was as big and hard as any of the fellows Bill sucked on the team. Sometimes Bill would even stop by the principal's office during school so he could give head to his father or take his prick up his ass. On some of those occasions Ben, the assistant principal, would join in the fuck fest. Right now, Bill savored the taste and firmness of the prickmeat in his mouth. Feeling his dad's big balls, it wouldn't be too long before he got that man sperm he craved.John felt the hard muscles of Kevin's chest and stomach. He liked to watch them flex beneath the taut coffee-colored manskin. He bent forward and his lips found Kevin's hard jaw. The two were sucking face and battling tongues. Better yet, the change of angle pushed Kevin's thrusting prickmeat right against John's prostate. "Shit," muttered John, who was jumping up and down on the hard prong. "Yeah, slut," Kevin said, "Take that cock." John couldn't stand anymore. Ropes of hot, white cum flew up and across Kevin's hard chest, hitting the fullback right in the chin. "Yeah, come on me, shoot that load all over my hot bod." John gave a few more spurts and was just about spent when he felt the first surge of fullback semen launch up his guts.Coach Jackson was feeling left out until Bill, the center, came up to him. Jackson was a specimen of pure beef. Mounds of pecs, bulging, knotted biceps, a back of pure strength, and a gigantic piece of fuckmeat jutting out from his frame. Not a few guys on the team lusted after this hunk, and Bill was no exception. Immediately Bill swallowed the older man's dripping cock, worshipping the amazing length and thickness, savoring the slightly salty taste.Mark was harder than hell sucking off these stud brothers. He couldn't believe he could get both their dicks in his mouth at the same time. He just pretended he was sucking on one fat prick, preparing it to fuck his football player ass. Shit! What if he tried fucking both brothers at the same time? Mark couldn't believe he was even thinking of doing that, but his dick grew even more rigid and shot a spurt of precum at the idea. He stood up and took Ken's hardon in his hand. He sat down and positioned the fuckstick at his hole. Mark was as practiced a bottom as top, so the jockmeat slid right in. He began riding Ken's pole while looking down at Tom, who was Preteen Nude Toplist jacking himself off. "Slide it in," Mark ordered Tom. "What?" Tom asked, not sure what he heard. "I want both you fuckers' cocks in me at the same time." Tom almost shot right then, the thought was too hot, but managed to contain his orgasm and put his dickhead along his brother's pistoning tool. Mark squatted down a bit further to push Ken's cock to a lower angle and giving Tom the opening and leverage he needed to push his cockhead in. It took only a brief second and Tom was sliding his meat up right next to Ken's. Mark damn near screamed at the invasion, but held off long enough to feel the pain turn back into pleasure. Imagine, getting fucked by both the Carter boys at once! Mark's cock was hotter and harder than it ever had been, but he wanted this pleasure to last as long as possible, so he didn't dare touch it.Bill's father, Rick, was in ecstasy. Bill kept him on the brink of orgasm with his skilled sucking and licking. He was so distracted that he almost didn't notice David's quarterback fingers working their way up his asshole. He liked his son's fucks. Bill could be good, too, but David really knew how to work a man's ass right. Without too much coaxing, the younger man's meat slid right up Rick's chute. "Yeah, Dad, you like my cock, don't ya? No one can fuck your ass like your oldest son, can they?" "Fuck, David, feels so good....yeah, I want your big dick to shoot up me...yeah, fuck me Preteen Nude Toplist harder, oh fuck..." Rick by now was shooting a major load down Bill's ready throat, but he knew that he was still good for another round or two, as his dick was still hard as a rock. David kept fucking away. Each thrust into his father's hot ass seemed to take him to another level of ecstasy. He knew he could not hold off for long. Meanwhile, Bill got up off his knees and turned around to impale himself on his father's still hard, still ready manshaft. Bill's hole always seemed ready for a good plugging. In fact, he spent many an afternoon just riding his teammates' pricks, draining one load after another into his horny jock bowels.Kevin was still hard. This young jock and his tight ass were just too hot for one load to suffice. He continued rubbing his dickhead along John's inner spot, and John melted. "Man, don't take thing out. I wanna be fucked all night." Kevin only said, "Doggy style," and flipped John over. This time he spared nothing in fucking the kicker's no longer virgin ass. With one load out of the way, he knew he had more staying power and he suspected John was in the same boat.(to be cont? let me know what you think.)
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